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    The new decree gives owners until June 2016 to register their tourist accommodation on the Andalusian Tourism Register following the approval of the new degree in Seville in February. Fines up to 150.000 euros can be imposed on the owners of unregistered properties being rented to tourists. The obligation to Register your Property start as from the 11th of May 2016.

    What type of property counts as tourists accommodation ?
    All properties on residential land which through offer, in exchange for money used like accommodation for tourism purposes.
    If there is a reservation process available.
    The property is rented out to tourists regularly on a short-term basis
    The property will be regarded to be rented out for touristic when the landlord advertises it using specialized media. Specialized media means companies who intermediate between landlord and tenant in exchange for an agreed commission like travel agencies, real estate agencies, holiday rental websites like Trip Advisor, Booking. Com etc.

    Conditions for rental
    The property must have an occupancy licence, exterior ventilation, furniture, air conditioning, bed linen, kitchen equipment and a first aid kit. Landlords have to provide clients with tourism information about the area. Landlords must provide a complaints book as well as a contact telephone number for assistance.

    How landlords make their property legal?
    Landlords will need to supply the following details to the Andalusia’s Tourism Registry.

    • Property details, cadastral reference, the number of potential guests according to its Licence of First Occupation.
    • Landlord’s personal details and an address for receive official notifications.
    • Details of management agency or designated person if landlord appoints someone to act on his behalf. Any change in details must be communicated so the ATR details remains accurate at all times.
    • Once the property is registered before and the property will be assigned a unique code which – by law – must appear in all public offers like in internet websites, estate agency offers etc.

    Any property in Andalusia that does not have this unique ATR code or number will be easy to find and may result in fines between 1500,- and 150.000,- euros.

    For more information or assistance on this matter please feel free to contact us.